TEAS Testing Information

You MUST be a WCC student to complete the exam at WCC Campus.

Scheduling TEAS Testing

Individuals who plan on applying to Washtenaw Community College's – Associate Degree Program in Registered Nursing will need to complete the ATI-TEAS® Version VII (7.0) test. The stated minimum scores are required for admission into the program:

  • Math proficiency – 60 percent or higher
  • Reading proficiency – 70 percent or higher
  • English proficiency – 60 percent or higher
  • Science proficiency – 45 percent or higher

If repeated TEAS test attempts are needed to meet required scores, the highest subject score from each attempt will be applied towards admission requirements.

Effective immediately, students will be allowed a maximum of three (3) attempts within five (5) years at WCC to take and achieve the following minimum scores required on the current version of the TEAS test.

In addition, beginning with the application for the Nursing class entry in the Fall 2020 semester, TEAS scores must have a test date within five (5) years of the application deadline to be counted and applied towards meeting admission requirements.

The Test of Essential Academic SkillsTM (TEAS®) is a standardized test measuring four content areas including Math, Reading, English, and Science.

  • Reading: 45 total questions – total of 55 minutes
    • Key Ideas & Details-15 questions
    • Craft &Structure-9 questions
    • Integration of Knowledge-15 questions
    • Unscored Pretest Items - 6 questions
  • Math: 38 total questions – 57 minutes
    • Numbers & Algebra-18 questions
    • Measurement & Data-16 questions
    • Unscored Pretest Items - 4 questions
  • Science: 50 total questions – 60 minutes
    • Human Anatomy & Physiology-18 questions
    • Biology -8 questions
    • Chemistry - 8 questions
    • Scientific Reasoning-9 questions
    • Unscored Pretest Items - 6 questions
  • English & Language Usage: 37 total questions- 37 minutes 
    • Conventions of Standard English - 12 questions
    • Knowledge of Language - 11 questions
    • Using Language to Exoress Ideas in Writing  -10 questions
    • Unscored Pretest Items -  4 questions

Schedule your TEAS test.

Creating an ATI account

All individuals preparing to take the TEAS® test must create an ATI account prior to their scheduled test date. You may create an account by going to ATI's website and selecting "create a new account" then follow the screen prompts. You only need to register once. DO NOT register for a test date on the ATI site, you will be doing that on the WCC testing center page.  You will need to have user name and password along with a picture ID on the day of your scheduled test.

For more information please contact

Julie Skrettas
Testing Center Specialist
[email protected]

TEAS® Preparatory Resources

  • All prices subject to change by ATI. Individuals may contact Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) or call toll free at 800-667-7531 for more information on review materials. Please check ATI web site for online resources and prices. Purchase Version six study guide directly from ATI or at WCC bookstore.
  • Individuals can also purchase the Version VI – ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS® VI) Study Manual from the WCC Bookstore for $66.65.
  • The Learning Commons in cooperation with the Nursing Department has developed a TEAS® Prep Site. The site contains online resources, study information, and videos for each content area on the TEAS® exam. The site is free to access.

Official Transcripts

If the TEAS® test is taken at Washtenaw Community College, you DO NOT need to request an official ATI transcript. Your official results will be forwarded to the Health and Second Tier Admissions Office by the Nursing Department.

If the TEAS® test is taken at another institution, you must submit official ATI transcripts. Transcripts are sent electronically once requested and payment is received by ATI.