What We Do

What We Do

  • Provide support to faculty in the development of curriculum through:
  • Assistance in course and program design
  • Workshops/demonstrations/seminars on curriculum-related issues
  • Curriculum resources
  • Ensure that the high school and post-secondary curricular continuum is fully articulated.
  • Conduct reviews of occupational programs for state approval, and apply for funding for occupational programs.
  • Maintain official curriculum records including the curriculum log and updates to courses and programs.
  • CurricUNET


Garrett, Joy
Dir Curric/Assessment
(734) 973-3374

Nelson, Lisa
Curriculum Analyst
(734) 477-8510

Bird, Sera
Curriculum and Assessment Sec
(734) 973-3706

How To Reach Us

Curriculum & Assessment
Student Center Building, Room 257
(734) 973-3706
Fax: (734) 677-5413