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Washtenaw Community College's resource management practices are governed by the principles set out in the Waste Hierarchy.

WCC's Recycling Operation works to minimize the amount of recyclable material sent to landfill. Recycling is truly a campus wide activity which will only achieve optimal success if everyone is making conscious sustainable decisions when disposing of items. Recycling stations are located all over campus in classrooms, offices, public areas, and other locations. Typically each station consists of one bin for paper and card products, another for plastic, glass, and metal bottles and containers, and a bin for landfill.

WCC ensures that outgoing recycling material is clean and uncontaminated. WCC Recycle Department employees sort all recyclable materials ensuring a high quality product is shipped offsite. Working with the WCC community the Recycle Department endeavors to ensure everyone understands how their choices can have a positive environmental impact.

Indoor Recycling

The indoor recycling stations are always be set out in the same order left to right

  • Bottles Cans and Containers
  • Mixed Paper and Card
  • Landfill
Recycling labels

Green- Bottles, Cans and Containers

  • Plastic bottles and containers #1-7 - such as drink bottles, sushi trays, yogurt pots, etc. rinse well.
  • Tin and aluminum cans and lids - rinsed well. Empty aerosol cans are OK.
  • Glass – bottles and jars rinsed well

Blue - Mixed Paper and Card

  • Newspaper and junk mail mix, glossy inserts
  • Magazines, catalogues, paperback and phone books
  • Office paper, note paper, envelopes
  • Paper bags
  • Cereal boxes, and box board boxes and sleeves

Corrugated cardboard boxes too large for the bins should be set out for custodial services to collect

Black - Landfill

  • All residual waste placed in this bin will go to landfill

Please think carefully before placing items in the landfill bin, items will go directly to landfill without sorting.

The most common error made is the placement of disposable coffee cups, both paper and Styrofoam, in the recycle bin. Coffee cups are not recyclable and residual coffee contaminates the whole bin. Please use a refillable/reusable cup whenever possible.

Food Composting

Food composterFood waste produced in kitchens and break rooms on campus can be composted in WCC’s Vermicomposting system. If you would like a Food Caddy for waste coffee grounds and filters, egg shells, fruits, and vegetables. Please contact the Recycle Department or place a FAMIS work order. The castings from the composting system are used in WTMC’s Core Garden.

Outdoor Recycling

You will see a series of recycling stations outside close to building entrances.

Outside OE Building

Bottles and Cans via Green Bin

Bottles and cans go in the green bin outside. There is no paper recycling provided in outdoor spaces. Please take your paper indoors for recycling.


WCC Staff and Faculty can also recycle

Plastic bags and shrink wrap

Clean plastic grocery bags, refuse bags, and shrink wrap can be recycled

Bubblewrap, and Packing Peanuts

Bubblewrap and packing peanuts are collected by the Recycle Department for reuse. Please make sure all items are clean, dry and bagged.


Hard ‘snapable’ Styrofoam can be recycled.

Bag these items and leave them with you regular recycling for collection by custodial staff.

Electronic Waste

Media and small eWaste

CD’s, DVD’s, and Floppies can be recycled.



WCC Generated Batteries are Recycled:  If you work in an area that produces many used batteries for recycling please ask about a collection bin. Alkaline, Lead Acid, and rechargeable batteries such as Nicad, NiMH, Lithium Ion, and Lithium button are all accepted.

WCC encourages the community to use rechargeable batteries instead of single life alkaline batteries. Additionally, please do not bring batteries from home to recycle at WCC this is counterproductive to our shared goals.

Becky Andrews
Recycling Operations Manager
Recycling Operations
Phone: 734-677-5312
Fax: 734-677-5475
Email: [email protected]


Facilities Management Staff

For items not found on the list that may be recyclable, please email your suggestions to the Recycle Operations Manager.

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