Liberal Arts Week October 23-27 highlights career paths

October 17, 2023 WCC Public Relations


Washtenaw Community College will host Liberal Arts Week on October 23-27 to highlight how skills obtained through a liberal arts education empower individuals to a fulfilling career path.

Prospective WCC students, current high school students and community members are invited to join faculty and current students during the third annual Liberal Arts Week. The theme is “The Power of Community and The Liberal Arts.” 

Nearly 30 speakers will present throughout the week. They include local employers, entrepreneurs, alumni, artists, film actors, community leaders and professionals who are applying their liberal arts degrees in a variety of industries and careers, or who are addressing the demand for key skills within their organizations.

Liberal arts skills prepare students to easily pivot with changing market trends and are critical for professional growth and success in all career paths, including Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields. Among key skills obtained through a liberal arts education: written and verbal communication; ethical decision-making; digital and data analysis literacy; complex problem-solving; critical thinking; teamwork; leadership; and more. 

To learn more about the various discussions and presentations scheduled throughout the week and to register, visit



Washtenaw Community College will host the 3rd annual Liberal Arts Week October 23-27. Nearly 30 speakers will discuss the value of a liberal arts background and skills that are in-demand by employers across a wide spectrum of career paths. All events will be held virtually. To learn more about the different session and to register, visit


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