2024 Pitch@WCC opens applications with new categories for Skilled Trade, Returning Citizens and Art

January 16, 2024 WCC Public Relations

Entrepreneur delivers business pitch in 2023

Pitch@WCC 2024, a unique initiative allowing aspiring entrepreneurs from all backgrounds to transform their business ideas into reality, is open for applications. Members of the public are invited to apply for the competition hosted by Washtenaw Community College’s Entrepreneurship Center.

This year, the program introduces new categories, catering to various talents and interests within the entrepreneurial landscape.

New categories are:

  • Skilled Trade: Supporting innovation and start-up skilled trades businesses.
  • Returning Citizens: Empowering individuals with entrepreneurial ambitions post-incarceration. 
  • Art: Fostering creativity and entrepreneurship in the arts. 

Preliminary pitch videos are due February 15, with competition dates in May. Pitch training and information sessions will be hosted by The Entrepreneurship Center at WCC to support participants.

For additional details and application guidelines and to register for training sessions, please visit the Pitch@WCC 2024 Website.

Pitch@WCC 2024 is an opportunity to secure funding and is a platform for individuals from all backgrounds to showcase their business acumen and gain valuable exposure and networking opportunities within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Categories and prizes are:

  • Students: Prizes for 1st ($750), 2nd ($500), and 3rd ($250) 
  • Build: Prize of $5,000 
  • Start: Prize of $2,500 
  • Skilled Trade: Prize of $2,500 
  • Returning Citizen: Prize of $2,500 
  • Art: Prize of $2,500 
  • Social Impact: Prize of $2,500 

Prizes are awarded in split payments upon winning and upon completion of milestones in WCC’s incubator. All finalists are admitted into the WCC Start Up Incubator, a multi-year program of training, coaching and mentoring to launch your business.

Pitch@WCC 2024 is an initiative by The Entrepreneurship Center at WCC to promote and support entrepreneurial ventures within and beyond the campus community. The competition and all programs through The Entrepreneurship Center are free to the community.



  • Application Deadline: February 15 
  • Competition Dates: May 8 or May 9, at the Morris Lawrence building (open to the public) 
  • Entrepreneurship Center Incubator Opportunity: Winners gain acceptance into WCC’s Start Up Incubator.
  • Additional Details: Visit Pitch@WCC2024.
  • Email: Michelle Julet, Director, Entrepreneurship Center [email protected]
  • Call: 650-245-9218


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