Articles in On The Record: February 2018

Al Lecz (left), Director of the WCC Advanced Transportation Center, describes a prototype vehicle exhibited at this year’s North American International Auto Show. Constructed and assembled with lightweighting materials by WCC faculty and students using the college’s state-of-the-art equipment, the vehicle features examples of transmitters, receivers and sensors needed to communicate autonomously with other connected vehicles and infrastructure. (Photo by Kelly Gampel)

WCC shines at North American International Auto Show

Brendan Prebo - February 08, 2018

Washtenaw Community College returned to the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) for the second year in a row to highlight opportunities available to people looking for careers in the mobility industry.

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WCC President Dr. Rose B. Bellanca (right) and student Kali Wealch were part of a Future Automotive Career Exposition discussion panel at the North American International Auto Show. “How Higher Education is Focused on Mobility” also included MICHauto executive director Glenn Stevens and moderator Roger Curtis (left), Director of the Michigan Department of Talent & Economic Development. (Photo by Kelly Gampel)

Auto show and tell: WCC president, student participate in panel discussion

Brendan Prebo - February 07, 2018

Washtenaw Community College played a key role in the inaugural Future Automotive Career Exposition (FACE) held January 20-21 at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS).

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Already working as a nursing assistant, WCC nursing student Dwayne King has had first-hand experience dealing with some of the obstacles that face men in the nursing industry. (Photo by Kelly Gampel)

As social stigmas fade, more men pursue nursing careers

Richard Rezler - February 07, 2018

As a nursing assistant at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital and a full-time student in the Washtenaw Community College nursing program, the 25-year-old has heard all the jokes and faced many of the obstacles that males in the nursing profession regularly encounter.

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“Intro to Business Law at WCC,” created by WCC faculty member Douglas Waters, is available to students as a free download or can be printed for a nominal price. (Photo by Kelly Gampel)

Big savings: Textbook alternatives have kept $1.79M in WCC students' pockets; college committed to more

Richard Rezler - February 07, 2018

Kelli Gilbert had a tough decision to make. If she spent $360 on the four textbooks she needed for classes at Washtenaw Community College, she wouldn’t have enough money left to pay the car insurance bill that had come due.

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These buttons, distributed around campus at various events, identify current first-generation college students and those WCC faculty and staff who were first-generation college students themselves at one time. (Photo by Kelly Gampel)

First-generation students find empathy, help at WCC

Washtenaw Community College - February 07, 2018

Statistically speaking, first-generation college students aren’t as likely to graduate as those who come from homes with college-educated parents.

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