Senior Focus

These classes are requested by and designed especially for older adults. Available to all Washtenaw County residents who are 65 years or older prior to the start of the semester, these classes meet at convenient sites throughout Washtenaw County. 

To register: Contact individual centers.


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Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor Senior Center (Location)
1320 Baldwin Avenue
(734) 794-6250

Glacier Hills (Location)
1200 Earhart Road
(734) 929-6797

Jewish Community Center (Location)
2935 Birch Hollow Drive
(734) 971-0990

Pittsfield Senior Center (Location)
701 W. Ellsworth Road
(734) 822-2117



Chelsea Senior Center (Location)
512 E. Washington Street
(734) 475-9242

Chelsea Pines (Location)
325 Wilkinson Street
(734) 433-9130

Chelsea Adult Learners Institute
809 W. Middle Street
(734) 475-9242



Dexter Senior Center (Location)
7720 Ann Arbor Street
(734) 426-7737



Manchester Senior Center (Location)
912 City Road
(734) 428-7877



Saline Area Senior Center (Location) (no drop-in option)
7190 N. Maple Road
(734) 429-9274


Whitmore Lake

Northfield Township Senior Center (Location)
9101 Main Street
(734) 449-2295



Parkridge Community Center (Location)
591 Armstrong Drive
(734) 483-7700

Ypsilanti Township Community Center (Location)
2025 E. Clark Road
(734) 544-3838

Ypsilanti Senior Citizens Recreation Center (Location)
1015 N. Congress Street
(734) 483-5014


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