English as a Second Language (ESL)

Learning a new language takes practice. While you are taking classes at WCC, the ISC can connect you with others to help you practice and improve your English reading, writing, grammar, and speaking/listening/pronunciation. 

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Academic Support

ESL Classes

The ESL program of courses helps students achieve the level of English proficiency they need for their own goals. Placement tests get you started in the right classes. The program is intended for adult learners of English who live in the United States (citizens, immigrants, F-2 visa holders, etc.).

ESL Placement Testing

Placement testing is used to place students in the appropriate courses for Speaking/Listening, Writing/Grammar, and Reading.  The assessment will initially be taken in Orientation during the first hour and is timed, lasting 1 hour.  After the first time it can be taken in the Testing Center once more and then (SC 300) every three months after the initial assessment.  Learn more about placement tests.
Please note: During the COVID-19 pandemic, the ESL Placement Test (CaMLA) is offered only online.


Support Resources

English Conversation Groups

There are many opportunities for you to get involved with conversation groups at WCC. Contact the International Student Center to learn more.


The Learning Commons provides excellent tutoring services to students interested in bettering their language skills. Working with a tutor can help you to do better in class and make progress towards taking regular college courses. Please contact us for dates and times as they change each semester. Learn about ESL tutoring.


Online Study Resources

Our tutors have suggested these online ESL resources to help you expand your knowledge of the English language. Some of these resources are specifically for students who are learning English, and others are for anyone who wants to improve his or her language skills.