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Founded in 1998 as a nonprofit organization, the Washtenaw Economic Club’s speaker history boasts a Who’s Who of business and political leaders, journalists, sports figures and other celebrities.

In 2010, the nonprofit Washtenaw Economic Club disbanded and the new Washtenaw Economic Club became a special program within Washtenaw Community College. Approximately 200 members enjoy the opportunity to network, provide client entertainment, offer employee incentives and learn from valuable speakers at Washtenaw County’s elite business club.

Mission Statement

The goal of the Washtenaw Economic Club is to be a forum for identifying and discussing economic issues that directly impact the business community and for discussing ways in which economic analysis plays a role in the decision making process for the business community. This includes:

A convenient place for fellow professionals in business economics to convene and discuss important issues on the local, state, regional and national scale
An avenue for speakers to present in-depth topics of special interest to business leaders in the metro area
Opportunities for universities, community organizations and other professional groups to gather and discuss current issues with local business professionals

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