Co-op & Internships

Interested in providing WCC students with industry experience and specialized training? Internships and co-op opportunities provide many benefits to employers, such as:

  • A continual supply of motivated and high-achieving students who are eager to learn and perform well
  • A cost-effective system of evaluating potential future employees
  • Opportunities to release trained staff to perform advanced priority work
  • A bright infusion of enthusiastic new ideas and viewpoints
  • Excellent opportunities to meet short-term or special projects
  • Internship program development assistance

Available programs at WCC:

Cooperative Education (Co-op) is an academic program that blends classroom learning with practical work experience. Students earn academic credit while experiencing hands-on learning in the workplace.

Internships are opportunities for practical experience. Internships offer students an introduction to work environments and provide opportunities for skill building. On-the-job training and networking prove valuable in determining career interests.

Need assistance in creating an internship program? WCC Center for Career Success can assist you.

Guidelines regarding paid versus unpaid internships.

Call us today to discuss creating opportunities with your organization.

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