Employers Terms of Use

Employer Terms of Use- link to http://www.naceweb.org/principles/

Terms of Use
The Career Connect employment posting site is a free service provided by Washtenaw Community College Career Transitions (powered by Purple Briefcase). Positions posted to this site are viewable by alumni and students of WCC. Career Transitions may remove any posting without notice. Current postings, and employer contact information contained within the posting, will be displayed on the public site until removed by the employer, Career Transitions, or automatically upon reaching the posting end date.

Career Transitions retains all postings and employer contact information in an administrative database. Career Transitions may occasionally use contact information to identify possible employers interested in participating in employer outreach programs such as, but not limited to on-campus recruitment, panel discussions, and classroom presentations. Employer contact information will not be sold, rented, or released outside the College.

Posting Guidelines
WCC’s Career Transitions adheres to the Principles of Professional Practice from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) and works only with employers or third-party recruiters who also adhere to this code. The following policies and guidelines apply to all employers offering employment opportunities for WCC students or graduates.
Employers creating an account agree to abide by the guidelines set forth by WCC Career Transitions relating to the employment posting service.

WCC Career Transitions reserves the right to remove from Career Connect, sometimes without notice, positions that are out of date, vague in description, and postings that conflict with departmental or college guidelines and policies.

WCC will post position or host on-campus recruiting events under the following conditions:

  1. The employer agrees the position listed is a valid job opening that would be appropriate for students or alumni.
  2. The employer provides the necessary information needed to post a career opportunity (organization name, products or services provided, job description, etc.).
  3. Third party recruiters will state clearly their relationship to the position and provide a detailed description of a specific open position. Recruiters are encouraged to disclose their represented client if at liberty. Third-party recruiters must be representing specific employers who have contracted with them and will disclose to the Career Transitions Office the names of the represented employers.
  4. All employers posting on this site agree any information received regarding a candidate must not be used for any purposes other than providing further information to the applicant about the jobs.
  5. Employers are expected to provide information on students hired through the Career Transitions Office postings, including names, rate of pay, hours per week, and employment beginning dates.
  6. The position complies with all applicable federal and state employment laws, affirmative action and equal employment opportunity regulations.
  7. All employers must abide by the Principles for Professional Conduct for Career Transitions and Employment Professionals as published by NACE.

WCC will not post positions of the following nature:

  1. Positions that require upfront payments and/or classified as independent consultants.
  2. Jobs which require enlistment into any branch of military service. U.S. Military recruiters are not classified as recruiting agencies.
  3. Opportunities from private families/individuals.
  4. International positions.

An employer's use of Career Connect is deemed to be their consent to comply with these guidelines. If you have comments or questions please direct your inquiry to [email protected].

If you agree to these terms and conditions you may proceed to create and use your account on Career Connect.