Closing Information

Bad weather, utility outages, or other circumstances may cause WCC to cancel classes or close entirely.

The best way to learn about cancellations is to sign up for WCC Alert (only available to students/faculty/staff at this time.) It’s an emergency notification service that sends messages to your phone, PDA, email account, or TTY/TDD device for the hearing impaired. The free service is available to WCC credit students and employees.

You can arrange to have WCC send alerts to multiple devices or accounts. For example, you can have messages sent to your home phone, cell phone, and email account.

You also can learn if WCC is closed by:

  • Calling WCC’s School Closing Information Line at 734-677-5288
  • Checking WCC’s homepage

Sometimes when bad weather hits, WCC cancels classes at extension centers but not on the main campus. This happens because most extension centers are located in buildings operated by local school districts, which decide independently whether to close. However, if WCC cancels classes on its main campus, they’re canceled at the extension centers, too.

If WCC is closed, most employees do not have to report for work. However, if classes are canceled, the College remains open and all employees except instructional faculty are expected to report at their normal times. Details are available on the Human Resources website.