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Name Department Role Phone Office
Tolmoff, Pamela Health SciencesProf Faculty Nursing(734) 973-3302Ti 122 E
Torres, Joseph Public Service Training-InstructionPart-time Faculty - Timesheet(734) 677-5024ML 111
Toth, John Public SafetyCampus Resource Officer(734) 973-3411CS 205
Toth, Michelle Math, Science & Engineering TechnologySupport Services Secretary Math/Science(734) 677-5261LA 253
Toth, Steven ChemistryProf Faculty Physical Sciences(734) 973-3369LA 253 F
Townsend, Jeanice Workforce DevelopmentPart Time College and Career Readiness Program Coordinator
Townsend, Melissa Financial ServicesManager Student Accounting(734) 677-5070SC 200
Trame, John Business & Computer TechnologiesProf Faculty Computer Science and Information Technology Instructor(734) 973-3451BE 232
Trapp, Benjamin Student ServicesPart time Support Clerical - Tech 1
Trepasso, Rebecca Health SciencesPart-Time Faculty(734) 973-3358TI 122
Tripp, Brittany Student ServicesStudent Advisor(734) 677-5002SC 206U
Tripp, Jesse Transportation TechnologiesInstructional Laboratory Assistant, EV and ICE Programs
Trivedi, Rajiv Transportation TechnologiesPT Lab Assistant
Trott, Terry Humanities, Social & Behavioral SciencesPart-Time Faculty(734) 677-5009LA 143
Truhn, Bonnie Student ServicesAdult Transitions Director(734) 677-5208SC 273
Tryon, Samuel UA Instruction & SupportPart-Time Faculty
Tubbs, Linda Student ServicesPT Student Advisor(734) 973-3342LA 115
Tuccinardi, Sandro Student ServicesInst Div PSF Comp & Bus Div(734) 973-3398BE214
Tucker, Brandon Workforce DevelopmentInterim Vice President of Instruction(734) 677-5185SC 243
Tucker, Jennifer Humanities, Social & Behavioral SciencesPart-Time Faculty(734) 973-3647LA 327
Tucker, Kaylee Humanities, Social & Behavioral SciencesPart-Time Faculty
Tucker, Tamara Math, Science & Engineering TechnologyPart-Time Faculty(734) 677-5009LA 143
Tupper, Maxwell Math, Science & Engineering TechnologyPart-Time Faculty(734) 677-5009LA 143
Turner, Laura Student ServicesExec Sec VP Stud & Acad Svcs(734) 973-3536SC243A
Turner, Pat Information Technology ServicesChief Information Officer(734) 973-3456SC 314
Turner, Savannah Student ServicesAthletic Coach
Tuttle, Jordan Public Service Training-InstructionPT Prof Service Teaching

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