Mission, Goals & Student Learning Outcomes

Mission Statement

The mission of the Radiograph Program is to provide an accredited two-year associate degree program that will prepare graduates for an entry-level career in the field of diagnostic medical imaging.

The mission of the Radiography Program is sustained by the achievement of the following goals and student learning outcomes:

Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes:

Goal 1: Students will be clinically competent.
Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students will perform diagnostic radiographic procedures.
  2. Students will correctly operate radiographic equipment.
  3. Students will demonstrate the ability to perform basic patient care assessment skills.

Goal 2: Students will communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students will use effective oral communication skills in the clinical setting.
  2. Students will practice writing skills.

Goal 3: Students will critically think and effectively solve problems.
Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students will calculate correct exposure factors
  2. Students will solve problems in the clinical setting.

Goal 4: Students will exhibit professional values, attitudes, behaviors, and ethics.
Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students will value the principles of life-long learning.
  2. Students will recognize the ethical and medical issues in patient care.
  3. Students will exhibit professional behaviors in the clinical setting.

Revised: 12/5/2019