How it Works

We’ve streamlined the process if you’re an apprentice or journey-level member of a building trades union with which WCC has an agreement.

Getting started on a certificate requires two steps, and moving up to an associate degree adds just one more:

  1. Take the Introduction to Online Learning class
  2. Register for construction supervision classes
  3. Register for general education classes

All of the classes—both construction supervision and general education—are totally online. You watch video lectures, submit assignments, participate in class discussions, and take tests on any computer with a high-speed Internet connection. Miss something in a video lecture? Just rewind your instructor.

Not done with your apprenticeship? No problem. You can take WCC’s classes during your apprenticeship.

Register for Construction Supervision Classes

The construction supervision courses will be offered during our Fall and Winter semesters. Sections will be 12 or 15 weeks.

We recommend that you take the construction supervision classes one at a time. To start the process, you need to fill out the online registration request form. There’s one exception: If a company or organization will pay your tuition in advance, you should call 734-973-3685 for registration help.

Register for General Education Classes

If you’d like to pursue an associate degree in construction supervision, you also need to register separately for general education classes. These classes follow the standard WCC schedule, which has three semesters that last from 12 to 15 weeks.

Lists of general education classes are available on pages about the Associate in Applied Science and Associate in Science degrees. You register for the classes online through MyWCC during the period listed on the registration website.

You can finish the construction supervision classes and then take the general education classes, or you can take them at the same time. The choice is yours.

What Does It Cost?

Tuition for online classes is $114 per credit, and most classes are three or four credits.

All of the construction supervision classes are three credits, so tuition is $342 for each one. Each construction supervision class also has a materials fee, which covers books and other materials. This fee ranges from $100 to $200 per class.

If you take all five construction supervision classes to earn your certificate, your total cost for tuition and materials fees is just over $2,500. Isn’t that a remarkably small price to boost your skills and your career?

Continue Your Education

If you finish your associate degree and want to go further, WCC has special agreements with three colleges where you can continue on to a bachelor’s degree: Davenport University, and Eastern Michigan University. WCC also has a similar agreement with the International Masonry Institute that lets BAC members apply their credits toward a credential in the certified masonry construction program.

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