Student Guidelines

  1. Know the name of your instructor, your class code, and test number.
  2. Present your WCC ID or a current, government-issued photo ID.
  3. Provide your WCC ID number if using a non-WCC photo ID.
  4. For Blackboard tests you need to know your WCC netID and password.
  5. No children, food, drinks, music, ear buds, or ear pieces allowed. No hats may be worn during testing. Water & other bottles if needed have to have the labels removed. Only clear bottles are allowed. Only analog watches are allowed.
  6. Restroom breaks are not allowed. If you have an emergency, you may leave the Testing Center, but your test will not be returned to you. The proctors will complete an incident report, attach it to your test and give it to your instructor.
  7. Only one test will be given to a student at a time.
  8. Bring a pen or pencil and the appropriate calculator for your test. No pencil boxes - you may bring your writing instruments in a clear Ziploc bag if needed.
  9. Cell phones must be turned off. If a cell phone rings or vibrates while in the Testing Center, you may not be allowed to test again in the Testing Center.
  10. You must turn in all scrap paper and other test documents to the proctor after you complete the test.
  11. You will not be allowed to test during your class period.
  12. The last test of the day will be administered 45 minutes prior to closing.
  13. Cheating will not be tolerated. An incident report will be given to your instructor, as well as the Testing Center Manager.
  14. All note cards/sheets/formula sheets allowed by the Instructor during the test will be collected by the proctor at the end of testing and given to your Instructor. You can retrieve your notes by talking with your Instructor.

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