Syllabi: RAD

File Name Last Updated
RAD100. Introduction to Diagnostic Imaging 11/25/2009
RAD101. Methods in Patient Care 10/13/2020
RAD103. Medical Professionalism in Clinical Radiography 01/16/2013
RAD110. Clinical Education 10/03/2019
RAD111. Fundamentals of Radiography 03/12/2019
RAD112. Radiographic Positioning I 04/27/2021
RAD120. Clinical Education 10/16/2009
RAD123. Radiographic Positioning II 03/12/2019
RAD124. Principles of Radiographic Exposure 10/13/2020
RAD125. Radiographic Procedures and Related Anatomy 12/09/2021
RAD135. Pathology for Radiographers 09/08/2005
RAD150. Clinical Education 03/18/2013
RAD190. Physical Foundations of Radiography 08/27/2012
RAD215. Radiography of the Skull 12/18/2013
RAD217. Clinical Education 10/16/2009
RAD218. Radiation Biology and Protection 03/12/2019
RAD222. Pharmacology in Diagnostic Imaging 04/27/2021
RAD223. Sectional Anatomy 09/24/2019
RAD225. Clinical Education 10/16/2009
RAD232. Digital Imaging in Radiography 07/31/2019
RAD235. Pathology for Radiographers 08/03/2016
RAD240. Clinical Education 10/04/2012
RAD259. Introduction to Computed Tomography (CT) Instrumentation and Protocols 04/24/2013
RAD261. Patient Care in Computed Tomography (CT) 04/12/2022
RAD262. Principles of Computed Tomography (CT) 07/21/2017
RAD263. Practical Computed Tomography (CT) Imaging 04/24/2013
RAD265. Computed Tomography (CT) Clinical Education I 12/18/2013
RAD266. Advanced Computed Tomography (CT) Imaging 04/24/2013
RAD267. Computed Tomography (CT) Clinical Education II 04/24/2012
RAD270. Principles of Mammography 04/24/2017
RAD271. Mammography Quality Control (QC) 03/16/2018
RAD273. Mammography Clinical Education 04/04/2014