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Do you have an idea for a session but need support (or want someone else to run it for you)? Complete this Suggest an idea Form.

This form is sent to the Faculty Professional Development Committee. We’ll get back to you about your idea and how we can help support it!

Do you know exactly the kind of session you want to host, including the date and time you want to host it? Complete an Event Request Form.

This form is sent to the Teaching & Learning Center. The TLC staff will:

  • Assign your session a room
  • Coordinate with Media Services for any media equipment request
  • Enter session information into KALPA
  • Deliver sign-in sheets to your session
  • Validate the attendance in KALPA

 To Access LinkedIn Learning, please review LinkedIn Learning Access.



Can I get PD credit for professional development I've completed outside of KALPA?

Sessions have to be listed in KALPA and tagged as PD qualifying to receive credit.

If I use LinkedIn Learning for my Professional Development, how will it be added to my PD Plan in KALPA?

LinkedIn Learning reports will be generated at the end of each month. Sessions that you completed 100% will be manually added to your PD plan in KALPA.

How do I check my PD Plan in KALPA?

Log into KALPA, click on the tab that says “Professional Development Plan” You’ll see all the sessions you’ve attended listed here.

How do I cancel my registration in KALPA for a session I can’t attend?

Log into KALPA, go to your PD plan, click on the pencil to the left of the course/session you wish to cancel, in the far right column select cancel registration and save.

Does my Outlook calendar update automatically if I cancel a course/session, or if the location/date/time has changed?

No, changed information in KALPA do not update, you will manually have to change your Outlook calendar. If any changes occur you will receive an email.

I've completed Essential Training in Blackboard, but I don't see the hours added in my PD Plan in KALPA?

Essential Training is not tracked in KALPA. Please contact HR for any Essential Training questions.

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