Psychological/Psychiatric Disorder

Psychological disabilities comprise a wide range of conditions characterized by emotional, cognitive and /or behavioral dysfunction. A diagnosis by a licensed mental health professional including psychologists, psychiatrists, or other qualified person is required. The name, title and credential of the qualified professional writing the report should be included.

Documentation must be recent (within the past 12 months) and more updated documentation may be required depending upon the current status of the student and the accommodation being requested. A diagnosis, in and of itself, does not automatically warrant approval of accommodations. The following information is necessary to be included in the documentation:

  • A clear statement of the disability, including the DSM-5—ICD-10 diagnosis and a summary of presenting symptoms as well as the duration and severity of symptoms.

  • A description of the current functional limitations in the academic environment as well as across other settings. This must establish a clear link between the functional limitations of the student and the accommodation(s) being requested.

  • Medical information relating to current treatment and medication including side effects, if relevant.

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