Resources for Assistance for Victims of Sexual Misconduct

If you are the victim of sexual assault, dating or domestic violence, or sexual violence of any kind - it is not your fault. Do not be afraid to ask for help or support. Help is available from these organizations:

There are many organizations and hotlines in every state. The crisis centers and agencies listed work hard to stop assaults and help victims.

How can I help someone who has been sexually assaulted?

You can help someone who has been abused or who has been assaulted by listening and offering comfort. Go with her/him to the police station, the hospital, or to counseling. Reinforce the message that she/he is not at fault and that it is natural to feel angry and ashamed.

More resources

Resources for stalking

Local resources:

WCC Resources:

The WCC Student Resource Center (SRC) and the WCC Counseling Office (734-677-5223) offer short term counseling services and referrals to long term community services to assist victims of sexual misconduct.

Other WCC Resources:

If you are a victim of sexual misconduct and have received federal financial aid, veteran's benefits, or are an international student; please contact the appropriate office below or the Dean of Students Office ([email protected]) before making any enrollment changes.  Enrollment changes will impact your aid eligibility or visa status.

WCC Financial Aid Office 
[email protected]

WCC Wadhams Veterans Center
Veteran Student Advisor

International Students
F1 Students
International Student Advisor