Green Tips

Tips to help save the planet and maybe save you money

Life Style
Buy less stuff
Calculate your own carbon footprint, and then reduce it: or
Eat less meat
Eat more locally produced food
Eat more organically produced food

Home Systems
Lighting Choices to Save You Money

Carpool more and drive solo less

Tips to help WCC save the planet and save money

Getting to Campus
Take the bus to campus more and drive less
Keep your tires inflated to the proper level
Keep your car tuned up and replace filters on schedule
Don’t leave your engine running

While on Campus
Re-use and fully use paper, pens, folders and other office supplies before buying new
Eat food that has the least disposable packaging
In the summer, wear appropriate clothes for 76° building temperatures
In the winter, wear appropriate clothing for 68° building temperatures
Minimize printing when possible
Recycle all containers, paper and “technotrash” (see guidelines)
Turn off computers, monitors, printers, projectors and other electronics when not in use