Look around our busy campus: from native landscaping to LEED-certified buildings to the students, faculty, and staff who follow sustainable practices every day, you’ll see a variety of ways we are minimizing WCC’s global warming impact and helping our campus become more environmentally sustainable.    

Sustainability Council

The Sustainability Council, comprised of student, faculty, and staff representatives from key departments, guides the implementation of the WCC Climate Action and Sustainability Plan and provides leadership in integrating sustainability concepts into all WCC’s core functions.


Learn how sustainable practices are an integral part of many academic disciplines, including Automotive Service, Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, Construction, English, Environmental Science, Geology, Graphic Design, Industrial Technology, Nursing, Photography and Sociology.

Campus Initiatives

What is WCC doing to implement sustainable practices on campus? A lot! See how we are working to become more sustainable.

What can you do?

Steps toward sustainability

Many of these programs have been practiced at WCC for years since they are also consistent with operating in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Some of these initiatives include…

Steps toward sustainability

Green tips

Did you know that WCC spends over $2,000,000 per year on electricity and natural gas? Save money by turning off computers and other equipment when not in use, and by turning off the lights if you are the last to leave a room.

Green tips

Get Involved

Everyone at WCC can "Green" their area by reducing, reusing and recycling, turning off power to equipment and lights when not in use and purchasing Energy Starr equipment

Get involved

Carbon commitment

WCC has joined more than 700 colleges in a commitment to eliminate carbon emissions from our campuses, and incorporate higher levels of sustainability into the curriculum and campus operation.


Get involved

Join a club, participate in an activity, or make some changes at home. There’s a way for everyone to make a difference for the environment.



Want to learn more? Explore local and national organizations, books, videos, and other resources.


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