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Books and Videos

  • Being Caribou, Diana Wilson & Leanne Allison, 2004, 72 min
  • Beyond the Light Switch 
  • A Convenient Truth: Urban Solutions from Curitiba, Brazil, Maria Vaz Photography, 2007, 52 minutes, ASIN: B000OONRSY
  • A Crude Awakening – The Oil Crash (2006), DOCURAMA, 85 minutes, ASIN: B000PY52IG, AADL DVD 622.338 Cr
  • Home Power Magazine
  • An Inconvenient Truth (2006), Paramount, 96 minutes, ASIN: B000ICL3KG, WCC_LIB  08-00485
  • Kilowatt Ours:  A Plan to Re-Energize America (2008), 56 minutes, ASIN: B001TMDXQQ  AADL DVD 621.31 Ki
  • Mother Earth News
  • A Road Not Taken [videorecording] : The story of the Jimmy Carter White House solar installation, Hemauer, Christina.  WCC LIB TJ809.95 .R634 2011  

Other Resources