Please pay attention to the payment deadlines and Pay Your Bill to keep your seat. You are not done with the registration process until you pay your bill. If you miss the payment deadline, you may be dropped from your classes.

Read Your Schedule

Log in to MyWCC at any time to view your schedule. To print your schedule from your MyWCC account:

  • Click on the Student Services tab
  • Click the Student Services Dashboard
  • Select Register for Classes
  • Select a term and click Continue
  • Click the Schedule and Options Tab
  • Click the Print button. There is also an Email button if you wish to email your schedule to yourself and/or anyone else.

Get Your WCC Student ID Card

To get your WCC Student ID card, stop at Student Welcome Center on the second floor of the Student Center Building with a valid photo ID. The Student Welcome Center is open Monday – Thursday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and  Friday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. The first Student ID Card is free; the fee for a replacement card is $10.

Attend Class

We expect you to attend all meetings of the classes for which you register. Regular class attendance is necessary for maximum success in college. If you do not attend class:

  • If for some reason you decide you are unable to take the class, you should drop the class by the Last Day to Drop. If you just quit coming to class but do not drop it, you will still owe the College for tuition and fees.
  • Instructors can drop students who do not participate academically at the start of the semester (the student receives a tuition refund), but are not required to do so. For on-site classes, instructors may drop students who miss the first two class meetings. For College on Demand classes, instructors may drop students who do not participate academically in Blackboard sessions and/or do not respond to emails within the first week of the semester. Blended courses apply a combination of the above situations.

Changing Your Schedule: Change, Add, Drop, & Withdraw

You may change your schedule in the following ways:

  • Change sections of a class, which involves adding the section to which you would like to change and then dropping the section that you no longer want.
  • Add a Class
  • Drop a Class
  • Withdraw from a class, which is "dropping" after the Last Day to Drop. If you withdraw from a class, you will still be responsible for payment of that class. You will receive a "W" on your transcript. Withdrawing from a class may affect your current and future financial aid. See the Drop a Class information.

We encourage you to discuss your options with instructors and/or counselors before doing section changes, adds, drops, and withdrawals. Print and retain copies of your final schedule until you receive final grades or refunds.

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