A hold on your record will prevent you from registering for classes. Holds can be academic, financial or simply be a need to turn in necessary paperwork. All holds need to be resolved before you can register for classes. Log in to My WCC to see if you have any holds.

If you are a continuing or readmitting student and are on any kind of hold, you must have the hold released before you can to register. Below is a list of holds and the offices that can release them. If you have questions about these holds, please contact the offices listed.

Hold Type Office How to get permission to register

Academic Warning Status

Student Records

Meet with your academic advisor

Admissions Documents Needed


Additional documentation is needed for admission. Submit noted document(s) to [email protected] and call 734.973.3543 if additional assistance is needed.

Administrative (VP) Hold

Dean of Students Office

Make an appointment with the Dean of Students Office, 734-973-3328.

Age Hold 18


You are under age 18 and must submit the Minor Student Enrollment Parental Consent Form.

Collections Hold

Cashier's Office

Resolve prior balance.


Cashier's Office

Resolve outstanding balance.

Foreign (F-1 visa)


Submit required documents each semester.

Former Dual


You were previously enrolled as a dual enrolled student and need to submit a new application to provide proof of high school graduation to update your student record

High School


Submit Dual Enrollment Consent Form.

Home School

Counseling and Student Resource Center

Division Counselors

Learning Support Services

Faculty Advisors

Have a WCC Counselor in one of the areas listed at the left authorize your registration each semester.


Enrollment Services:


Student Welcome Center

Personally present current government-issued photo identification to Admissions or Student Welcome Center (under the Enrollment Services sign.)

Invalid Address

Student Welcome Center

Log into MyWCC and change your address online or provide your new address to Student Welcome Center.



You have overdue materials on loan or an outstanding fee. Resolve with Library.

NDSL Fin Aid Hold

Financial Aid

You have an outstanding student loan balance to resolve.



You have not been enrolled in credit classes in 2 years. Fill out readmission application online.


Student Records

Make an appointment with the Director of Student Records, 734-973-3540.


Enrollment Services

Your legal residence must be confirmed. Provide documentation of your address as listed on the residency page.

Smoking Violation

Dean of Students Office

Make an appointment with the Dean of Students Office: 734-973-3328

Suspension -
one semester

Student Records

Have an appeal approved or return after one semester and meet with an academic advisor

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