If a class that you wish to take is full, you have the option to add yourself to a waitlist unless the waitlist is also full.

Every day, if you waitlist for a class:

  • Check your online schedule or your WCC student email daily to see if you have been moved into the class.
  • If you're moved into a class, pay immediately to keep your class.

When you get a registration status message that indicates there is a waitlist:

  • Under “Action”, choose “Web Waitlist” from the drop-down choices
  • Click the register/add/drop button again to add yourself to the waitlist (only possible when waitlist places are available)
  • Print your schedule to make sure that you're on the waitlist
  • You cannot waitlist for a class if you have another class that meets at the same time

Why being waitlisted may not get you into the class:

  • You may not get in unless another student drops
  • After the class starts, the instructor may not grant you permission
  • There is a hold on your record that you haven't cleared up

Before the semester starts, if there is a space in the class, WCC will:

  • Move you into the section that has the first opening if you are waitlisted for several sections of the same class
  • Put you into the waitlisted class and remove any other section of the same course from your schedule
  • Send an email notice to your WCC email address telling you that you have about 2 days to pay to keep your class

If you are not moved into your waitlisted class before it starts, you may:

Attend class and ask for permission to register, and if the instructor says yes, you must:

  • Check your WCC student e-mail to see if you have instructor permission to register, and then:
  • Register by the deadline or you're not in the class

If you change your mind:

Remove yourself from the waitlist immediately because

  • WCC might move you into the class;
  • You would be responsible for the tuition and fees; and
  • If you were in a different section of the same class, you would not be able to get back into the original class.

Note: Waitlisted classes will not show on the student schedule after the session begins, but your instructor will still be able to access the waitlist. Print out your schedule from the web so you have a copy of your waitlisted classes or go to MyWCC, and click on Student Services.