Instructor Guidelines for Blackboard

If you are an instructor who wishes to have Blackboard tests proctored in the Testing Center, please review the general guidelines for placing a test in the Testing Center and also note the following:

  • You are responsible for establishing student Blackboard accounts before the test is administered in the Testing Center. This is necessary to enable the test. Please contact Blackboard Help Desk 734-973-3456 for more information.

  • You are completely responsible for test content and directions in Blackboard.

  • As with paper testing, you may look at "History" on your Registerblast site for the test log.  Whenever a test closes, this log will verify who took the test in the Testing Center and when it was taken.

  • If appropriate, you should password protect your examinations. If used, give the password to the Testing Center when you enter your test information into the Test Input program. The Testing Center is not responsible for maintaining or changing passwords.

  • You should make sure the test is available on Blackboard between the starting and ending dates given to the Testing Center. These dates may be extended in the Testing Center, by request, but they also must be extended in Blackboard.

  • Train your students how to use Blackboard prior to testing. This may involve anything from basic computer usage (how to use the mouse and keyboard) to instructing them to stay in the Blackboard program during the test. Testing Center staff will not provide any Blackboard training.

  • Inform the students that there will be no printouts of Blackboard tests.

  • For Blackboard makeup tests, you must do two things: enter the test(s) into the Registerblast site from your office, home computer/electronic device or on our computer and leave written instructions in your incoming makeup folder.Written instructions usually include student’s name, test number, secure/insecure login, password, and expiration date.

  • Computer testing is convenient, but it has its pros and cons. Since Blackboard is an online program, there is always the possibility of complications: network problems, browser problems, student error. If a test is lost, we can usually have it reset and retaken immediately. But sometimes makeup tests are the only option.

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