Analyzing and Using Data

Analyzing data

In most cases, faculty will analyze and interpret their own data; however, the Assessment Committee and Office of Institutional Research may assist in analyzing raw data. Once analyzed, the department should review the data to determine whether changes based on the data are to be made, and summarize it on the Course or Program Assessment Report.

How to use data results

Results should be reviewed by all involved faculty and submitted to the department chair and dean for their review and approval. Course or program assessment reports will be forwarded to the Office of Curriculum and Assessment for review, prior to review by the Assessment Committee. Best practices suggest that a master syllabus update be submitted at the same time as a course assessment report. This helps to close the circle, with assessment informing curriculum updates.

Reporting results

Course assessment results are currently reported using CurricUNET. Results for programs should be submitted using a paper form. The form is available for download on the Due Dates, Forms and Processes web site. 

Data requirements

In March 2020, the Assessment Committee established guidelines for data requirements.  It outlines the minimum summary data that must be included in an assessment report, and describes the detailed data that may be requested from faculty. The following links provide a description of data that is required for assessment purposes and sample spreadsheets that can be used to collect and analyze data.

          Memo on Data Requirements 

          Sample Data Test Questions 

          Sample Data – Rubric or Skills Checklist 

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