Syllabi: ENG

File Name Last Updated
ENG000. Writing Center 09/12/2019
ENG023. High Beginning ESL Reading and Writing 03/27/2013
ENG024. High Beginning ESL Grammar and Communication 11/11/2014
ENG025. High Beginning ESL Listening and Speaking 03/27/2013
ENG027. Low Intermediate ESL Reading and Writing I 04/24/2012
ENG028. Low Intermediate ESL Reading and Writing II 04/24/2012
ENG030. Intermediate ESL Grammar I 11/11/2014
ENG032. Intermediate ESL Grammar II 11/12/2014
ENG033. Intermediate ESL Reading I 11/12/2014
ENG034. Intermediate ESL Reading II 11/12/2014
ENG035. English Listening, Pronunciation and Conversation (ESL) 03/26/2014
ENG037. Intermediate ESL Writing I 11/12/2014
ENG038. Intermediate ESL Writing II 11/12/2014
ENG050. Basic Writing I 04/21/2017
ENG051. Basic Writing II 04/21/2017
ENG060. Advanced ESL Grammar I 03/26/2012
ENG061. Advanced ESL Grammar II 03/26/2012
ENG065. Advanced ESL Speaking and Listening 03/26/2012
ENG075. Basic College Reading and Writing 03/17/2021
ENG090. Writing Fundamentals I 03/12/2019
ENG091. Writing Fundamentals II 03/12/2019
ENG100. Introduction to Technical and Workplace Writing 12/02/2019
ENG107. Technical Writing Fundamentals 03/08/2018
ENG111. Composition I 10/13/2017
ENG111S.  Composition I Supplemental Support 04/11/2022
ENG115. Writing for Visual Media 10/03/2012
ENG140. Horror and Science Fiction 06/18/2012
ENG160. Introduction to Literature: Poetry and Drama 12/02/2019
ENG170. Introduction to Literature: Short Story and Novel 04/02/2018
ENG181. African-American Literature 12/12/2017
ENG185. English Grammar and Usage 06/18/2012
ENG199. Technical Writing Internship 04/23/2007
ENG200. Shakespeare 08/04/2021
ENG208. Technical Writing for Print Delivery 11/02/2021
ENG209. Technical Writing for Online Delivery 03/08/2018
ENG212. British Literature - Before 1800 03/02/2022
ENG213. World Literature I 02/24/2022
ENG214. Literature of the Non-Western World 10/10/2017
ENG218. Technical Writing for eLearning 03/08/2018
ENG223. British Literature - After 1800 04/12/2022
ENG226. Composition II 11/16/2021
ENG240. Children's Literature 11/04/2021
ENG242. Diverse Children's Literature 12/02/2019
ENG245. Job Search Success Seminar 12/02/2019
ENG270. Creative Writing I 08/04/2021
ENG271. Creative Writing II 05/08/2019