Towsley Auditorium

A wide shot of WCC's Towsley Auditorium in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Our largest venue, Towsley Auditorium, hosts a wide variety of live events, from simple PowerPoint presentations to complex dance, music, and theatre productions. The house features 495 seats with perfect sightlines and two handicapped-accessible seating areas with room for 20 additional persons.

The theater is equipped with a HD-SDI video switcher, 96 channels lighting board, a 5000 lumen projector, and much more. Specific equipment details for the theater can be found in the Technical Capabilities (PDF)

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Event Services Questions

Technical Questions:

If you have questions regarding our live-event services or technology, Please contact:

Casey Penn
Coord Campus Events/Media Prod
Learning Resources
[email protected]

Booking and Pricing Questions

Booking and pricing for all of WCC's live-event venues is conducted through the Department of Conference Services. If you are interested in booking an event, please contact:

Patrick Downey
Manager Events Conference Svc
[email protected]



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Event Services Questions

If you have questions regarding our Live-Event Services, please contact Warren Nelson.

Towsley Technical Info

If you have questions regarding the technical or logistical aspects of Towsley Auditorium, please review the PDF below.