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Christopher Shepherd

Former WCC student says studying liberal arts 'prepares you for the long run rather than for a particular job'

Rich Rezler - October 21, 2021

Christopher Shepherd, who attended WCC as a dual-enrolled high school student, is a keynote speaker during the college's upcoming Liberal Arts Week events.

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Liberal Arts Week

Community invited to participate in WCC's Liberal Arts Week on Oct. 25-29

Fran LeFort - October 18, 2021

The public is invited to participate in WCC's first Liberal Arts Week. Events offer interactive, virtual and in-person workshops that showcase how jobs and the world around us are impacted by liberal arts studies.

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Mentor Connect

Local experts sought to mentor WCC students

Rich Rezler - March 04, 2021

WCC is inviting local professionals to share their expertise with its students.

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WCC Liberal Arts building

WCC faculty launch Liberal Arts Innovation Group

WCC - December 21, 2020

Because the importance of a strong liberal arts education is sometimes underestimated, a group of WCC faculty is designing methods and strategies to make them more relevant in today’s tech-heavy world.

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