Degree Works

DegreeWorks is a free web-based tool that allows you to audit and map out your progress toward a degree at WCC! Watch the videos below for instructions on how to use the various tools available to you.

Learn more about Degree Works

 (3 min, 42 sec)

This video walks you through accessing DegreeWorks and how to find and understand the most important information in the Degree Audit.

(2 min, 58 sec)

The What If Tool lets you build an imaginary Degree Audit to see what it might look like to pursue a different degree at WCC.

 (1 minute)

The Look Ahead Tool allows you to see what your progress toward a degree would look like after taking certain classes.

(2 min, 5 sec)

Use the Grade Calculator Tool to determine what grades you will need to achieve to reach a target GPA.