Accommodated Testing

Tests are administered in Learning Support Services for students who have registered in DS with a documented disability and have been approved for accommodations. The following may be included:

  • Extended test taking time (if test is administered in the classroom versus the testing center)
  • Proctored in a location where distractions are reduced
  • Readers
  • Scribes
  • Use of assistive technology

Students have the option of taking tests in the classroom or at the Testing Center. However, only DS can provide the above listed accommodations.

Instructor's Responsibilities

When students schedule a test in DS they are to notify the instructor of the date and time of the testing appointment.

The instructor then:

  • completes a Test Instructions Form for each test.
  • delivers the test and Test Instructions Form to DS (LA 104) at least one day prior to the student's testing appointment.
  • indicates on the Test Instructions Form whether a completed test will be picked up by the instructor or delivered to the instructor's mailbox by DS staff.

Hours for dropping off and picking up tests are Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Tests are administered in DS Monday-Thursday between 9 a.m. and 4:45pm. Spring/Summer terms may have reduced hours. Please call 734-973-3342.

If you have questions, please contact: 

Viers, Lynnette M.
PT DS Testing Specialist
Student Services
734-973-3342 (office) or 734-477-8781 (direct)
[email protected]
LA 104

Test taking accommodation procedures

Prior to scheduling and taking entry/assessment tests and classroom tests in DS, you must do the following each semester for each class:

  • Make a request to DS and be approved for testing accommodations (e.g. reader/scribe, extended time, assistive technology, etc.)
  • Provide supporting documentation of your disability consisting of current medical or other diagnostic information including limitations
  • Receive a determination and approval by DS staff for the accommodation(s)
  • Present a letter provided by DS to each instructor for whose class you have received test taking accommodations

A reader reads material either on a recording device or in person for a student who cannot make effective use of written material. A scribe is a person who writes for a student who is unable to write effectively due to a disability. Readers and scribes do not provide textual interpretations or alterations of content. They are passive participants in the reading/writing process.

If you need accommodations for WCC college placement tests, please contact DS to speak with a Program Specialist.

Make testing arrangements

If the instructor is giving a test in the classroom or Testing Center, you may take it there or in DS. However, certain accommodations are only available in DS including use of a scribe and/or reader.  If extended time is provided in the classroom, instructors must provide the approved extension allowance.

What you need to do:

  • Make an appointment with the DS Testing Specialist at least 3 class days before a test is scheduled to ensure the availability of proctors, space and accommodations. Appointments are Monday through Thursday starting at 8 a.m. All tests must be completed by 4:45pm.
  • Give the instructor at least 3 class days notice of the testing appointment so they have enough time to deliver the test and test instructions to DS.
  • You may take a DS Test Instructions Form to the instructor. However, only an instructor may deliver a test to DS.
  • You are expected to complete a test in one sitting unless otherwise indicated by the instructor. If you request a break, only a portion of the test will be provided and you will be expected to take that portion before taking a break.
  • You will not have access to books, notes or other school materials during the test unless permitted by the instructor. Scratch paper will be provided by DS and collected at the end of the test.
  • Tutoring is not provided for taking tests.
  • The use of cell phones, pagers, laptops, Ipods and other electronic devices are not permitted in the testing rooms.

To reschedule your test:

  • Notify DS and the instructor if you are unable to keep a testing appointment. 24 hours notice is preferable.
  • If you are late for a test appointment or the test time changes, call DS.
  • If you arrive late for a test appointment you may have to reschedule the appointment, take the test in the classroom with the rest of the class or take the test in the testing center.
  • Re-scheduled tests may need instructor approval to extend the due date for completing the test.
  • If you have 3 or more no shows for test appointments, you will be referred to a DS Program Specialist.

Any concern regarding services should be addressed to a Program Specialist or the Director of DS.

Please note: Federal law and the policies of Washtenaw Community College (WCC) do not require the provision of personal-care attendants, individually prescribed devices, readers for personal use or other devices or services of a personal nature.