Writing Center

If you need help with any kind of writing, the Writing Center is the place to visit. We have friendly, knowledgeable instructors and tutors on duty who are happy to help you out. The Writing Center is free, it’s walk-in, and the hours of operation are extensive.

The Writing Center also features:

You’re welcome in the Writing Center anytime we’re open. Visit us soon!

For WCC students enrolled in a writing course

A special welcome to you! You’re our biggest customers! Because you’re enrolled in one of the following writing courses—ENG 050, ENG 051, ENG 090, ENG 091, ENG 100, ENG 111, or ESL 168—you have a required Writing Center (ENG 000) component that will consist of a series of writing assignments that will count as 25% of your final grade in your writing course.


Getting started in the Writing Center

  1. Come to the Writing Center during the first week of the semester for orientation. (If you are in a D section, which is totally online, you do not get your assignments checked in the Writing Center; instead, you will submit your assignments on your Blackboard course site, and your instructor grades them.)
  2. Listen to the orientation presentation.
  3. Complete the orientation assignment and have it checked by a Writing Center staff member.
  4. There are Writing Center workbooks for the following writing courses: ENG 050, ENG 051, ENG 090, ENG 091, ENG 100, ENG 111, and ESL 168.


Things you should know about the Writing Center

  • You may complete your Writing Center assignments at home or in the Writing Center.
  • You must have your Writing Center assignments checked by us on or before the deadline dates. You can work ahead as fast as you want; some students complete all of their assignments by midterm.
  • We strongly prefer hard copies of your writing. It’s difficult for us to help you if your writing is on your laptop. If this is the case, the best we can do is offer you suggestions on a sheet of paper. We cannot type on your laptop for you or tell you what to type on your laptop. If you want credit for a Writing Center assignment, you must bring a hard copy.
  • We cannot accept late Writing Center assignments. If you have a late assignment, talk with your writing course instructor.
  • Beware of bringing in an assignment less than 30 minutes before closing time. We cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to check it.
  • Your Writing Center assignments are graded Pass/Fail and count as 25% of your final grade in your writing course. Your instructor receives frequent updates on your progress.
  • Some Writing Center assignments must be typed. You may use the computer lab in LA 354 if a class is not in session there.
  • If there is a line, you’re limited to 15 minutes with a Writing Center staff member who is helping you.

We at the Writing Center are committed to providing friendly, compassionate, and knowledgeable support that will help you become a better writer.

Additional resources

e-Exercises — Self-quizzes that give you the opportunity to increase your grammar and writing skills from CENGAGE Learning.

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) — Provides writing resources for writers of any level. This is one of the most well respected academic sources of information for writing or the study of English. They include APA and MLA style sheets, bibliography instruction, and helpful hints.

You can also find us here: