Nursing Program Outcomes

Nursing End-of-Program Student Learning Outcomes (EOPSLOs)

EOPSLO 1: Provide patient-centered care across the lifespan in a variety of healthcare settings.
EOPSLO 2: Collaborate and communicate effectively with the patient, family, and healthcare team.
EOPSLO 3: Provide safe patient care and participate in processes that maximize the quality of patient outcomes.
EOPSLO 4: Utilize informatics and technology to increase communication, decision- making, knowledge management, and error reduction.
EOPSLO 5: Use evidence-based clinical judgment when providing care to patients/families throughout the lifespan.
EOPSLO 6: Demonstrate professionalism expected of registered nurses adhering to the current standards of practice and exhibiting beginning leadership skills.

Nursing Program Student Handbook

Nursing End-of-Program Outcomes

  1. Performance on NCLEX-RN
  2. Job Placement
  3. Program Completion

Nursing End-of-Program Outcomes Data

Graduation Year WCC Nursing Program Completion Rate Employment Data NCLEX-RN Pass Rate for WCC NCLEX-RN Pass Rate for State of Michigan NCLEX-RN Pass Rate Nationally NCSBN Pass Rates Document Link
2021 *WCC Nursing Program Completion rate is pending 96.9% 74.60% 82.70% 78.77% NCSBN 2021 NCLEX Pass Rates
2022 *WCC Nursing Program Completion rate is pending 100% 81.88% 81.49% 77.91% NCSBN 2022 NCLEX Pass Rates
2023 *WCC Nursing Program Completion rate is pending 100% 88.18% 85.6% 86.19% NCSBN 2022 NCLEX Pass Rates