Registration: How To Guide

The WCC registration tool is being updated with intuitive tools and a mobile-friendly design to make it easier than ever for students to register for classes. No more copying CRN codes from the class list before heading to the registration page – you can now use the enhanced search tool to sort and compare sections right within the registration tool!

How to Register

Register Using Mobile Device

Pre-requisite Override Request

Common Registration Errors

Registration dates: Winter 2024

Returning Students:

October 25
45+ credit hours at 8 a.m.
30+ credit hours at 11 a.m.
15+ credit hours at 1 p.m.
<15 credit hours at 3 p.m.

New students:

October 26 at 9 a.m.

There are no available seats. The enrollment in this course section has reached its designated capacity.

Students should check on a regular basis to see if the course becomes available or if any additional sections open. Students may add themselves to the waitlist.

This course is limited to a specific student group.

A co-requisite course is a required course that must be taken in combination with another course. Students must register in this course and the co-requisite course at the same time.

Students may contact the Welcome Center if they are unsure of the co-requisite.

Student is currently registered in this course.

Students are not permitted to register in the same course twice in the same semester. Students may contact the Welcome Center to obtain authorization to register for the same course within the same semester. 

Students will receive this error when the course they are trying to register for requires them to also register for another class (usually a lab). 

Students should try to register again and enter both CRN numbers at the same time.

The number of semester hours attempted exceeds the number of semester hours allowed.

Students are limited to 17.5 credit hours each semester. Students on a B1 visa are limited to 6 credit hours each semester. 

Students may contact the Academic Advising and Career Guidance Office to obtain authorization to register for more than 17.5 credit hours.  B1 visa holders cannot request an increase.

A prerequisite is a class or skill level that is required before you can  register for a course. The guidelines are put in place to help you be successful in the class. For example, most non-Spanish speakers need to pass Spanish I before taking Spanish II.

A prerequisite may be:

  • A particular course that you must complete satisfactorily.
  • A specific test score.
  • Some other particular qualification.

You must meet the prerequisites for a class before you register for it. Prerequisites are listed just under the course title in the schedule.

NOTE:  If you receive a Prerequisite & Test Score Error and you feel you meet the prerequisite requirements through prior coursework or work experience, you may submit a course prerequisite override.  The Course Prerequisite Check & Override request form is located under the Registration menu on the Student Services Dashboard.

This course meets on the same day and time as a course already registered.  You must select a class that does not meet the same time as a course that you are already registered for.  If the meeting times for a course you are trying to register for overlaps by just 10 minutes per week you may contact the Welcome Center for assistance.