Course Repeat Limits

You may attempt a course twice at your own discretion provided you have met admission and prerequisite requirements.

3rd attempt

You must seek permission to register for the course the 3rd (and subsequent) time.

To get permission to take the class:

  • Attempt to register for the class. You will see this error: Repeat Limit Error.
  • Click on the error message.
  • Explain why you are seeking permission to register again.

Notification of approval or denial will be emailed to your WCC email address within 2 business days.

4th attempt

You must again seek permission, and there will be a $200 fee (per credit hour) in addition to the usual tuition and fees.


Whenever a course is repeated on a credit basis, we use your best grade and credits earned for computing your GPA. All entries remain a part of your permanent academic record.


These courses are exempt from the repeat limits:

  • PEA 115
  • All noncredit continuing education courses
  • Credit courses designated as repeatable to a specified limit.

Emeritus students are exempt from the course repeat limits.

Audited, withdrawn, expired, or incomplete

Courses taken under audit status, withdrawals, and courses with expired incomplete grades count toward the total repeat attempts.