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About WCC Analytics & Institutional Research

The WCC Analytics & Institutional Research office handles requests for data and analytics, with the following main areas of responsibility:

  1. Reporting: WCC is required to submit various reports throughout the year to state and federal agencies, as well as to a variety of higher education organizations and commissions. The A&IR office compiles and submits data to satisfy these regular reporting requirements.
  2. Departmental/Institutional Data Needs: The A&IR office handles data requests on an ad hoc basis, including programming and distributing surveys, from administrators and other faculty and staff members in order to aide in planning processes and decision-making at WCC. If you have such a request, please visit Data Request.
  3. Analytics: In addition to retrieving and compiling data, the A&IR team also analyzes data and generates reports that promote data-informed decision-making at the institution.

The A&IR office also handles the initial review of requests for WCC faculty and staff planning to conduct research (i.e., IRB review). More information about this process can be found on Conducting Research at WCC.

Contact Information

For general questions, please email [email protected].

For data requests, please complete the Data Request Form.

For questions about conducting research or IRB review, please contact Shane Redman directly ([email protected]).

A&IR Team

Shane Redman
Executive Director

[email protected]

Ben Dougherty
Senior Research Analyst
Zaq Makowski
Institutional Research Officer

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