Data Request

Data Request Examples

Some examples of requests handled by IR include:

  • Student success rates for departments
  • Student retention of specified cohorts
  • Survey programming and distribution (e.g., for a grant, accreditation, etc.)
  • Enrollment counts

Requests NOT typically handled by IR:

  • Requests that involve student financial aid information (contact the Financial Aid office)
  • Requests that involve employee data (contact Human Resources)

Data Request Process and Timeline Expectations

The process for making a request from the A&IR office is as follows:

  1. Ensure you have the appropriate permissions to request the data you are interested in receiving from IR. For faculty, please discuss the request with your dean first. For staff, please discuss the request with your supervisor before completing the request form.
  2. Complete the Data Request Form (below) as soon as you know you need data from IR and have the appropriate approval/permission.
  3. Within 2 business days of completing the form, someone from the A&IR team will reach out to you via email to confirm the request and ask for any additional details, if needed. For more complex requests, a team member may schedule a meeting with you to ensure an accurate understanding of the request and the data. An estimated timeframe for completion of the request will be provided to you at this time.

    Note: Please keep in mind that the A&IR team typically has a queue or projects/requests, some of which have strict deadlines. Importantly, what may appear like a simple request may actually be quite complex on the back-end depending on where each data element is stored and how it needs to be combined with other data elements. We will complete requests as soon as we can, but ask for as much flexibility as possible for items that do not have strict due dates (e.g., grant reporting, accreditation reporting, etc.).

  4. After details are confirmed, the A&IR team will start working on your request. If any questions come up during our work or if anything will significantly impact the timeline, we will contact you.
  5. Once complete, we will email the final product to you.

Data Request Form

Using Data Responsibly

It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that data are protected and used safely and ethically. Keep in mind that even if individual data points are not sensitive on their own, it’s possible that they could easily be combined with just a couple other freely available data elements to become identifiable to the subjects.

Data sent to you from IR are intended only for the requester. Please ask the A&IR team and/or your supervisor prior to sharing the data you receive with anyone else, even internally.

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