Success Coach

You can do it… we can help!

Whatever you’re aiming to achieve at WCC, your success coach can help you get there.

Success coaches provide holistic, personalized, one on one support to students throughout their first year at WCC.

New students are assigned a dedicated success coach based on their academic program.

Success coaches work with students from the time they enroll at WCC through the end of their first year.

Your success coach can:

  • Help you navigate obstacles that might impede your success
  • Connect you to campus services and resources
  • Work with you to develop goals and be your accountability partner
  • Provide academic pro-tips for maximizing your college experience

Meet with your Success Coach               

Successful students take advantage of the resources available to them, and success coaching is one of the ways you can achieve more at WCC.

Your success coach is dedicated to your success and can meet with you as frequently as every two weeks.

You can meet with your coach in-person, over the phone, or email them with a quick question.

You can schedule meetings with your success coach through the WCC Gateway - Student Services Appointments

Success Coach Staff

Laura Beck – First Year Success Coach

  • Math, Science and Engineering Technology
  • Business

Cristina Buzas – Virtual Campus Concierge

  • All new students taking exclusively distance-learning courses

Andy Crockett – First Year Success Coach

  • Readmit students in Winter 2020

Earle Jackson – First Year Success Coach

  • Health Sciences

Emily Ollero Jones – First Year Success Coach

  • Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences

Kathy Stewart – REACH Success Coach

  • Students who have previously been in foster care

Anthony Webster – CTE Success Coach

  • Advanced Technologies and Public Service Careers
  • Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Culinary and Hospitality Management
  • Digital Media Arts

Grace Fama – Success Coach Manager

Understanding your Success Team

At WCC there are many faculty and staff who care about your success.

  • Academic advisors assist students with understanding degree requirements, career paths, and university transfer
  • Personal counselors assist students with mental health concerns
  • Case managers help students in crisis, assist with child care grants, book grants, food pantry, and other basic needs

While these roles are similar, a success coach is more focused on goal-setting, skill-building, and navigating campus resources.