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Whatever you’re aiming to achieve at WCC, your Success Coach can help you get there.

Success Coaches provide holistic, personalized, one on one support to students especially their first year at WCC.

New degree-seeking students are assigned a dedicated Success Coach based on their academic program. Your specific coach is listed at the top of your Degree Works Educational Plan.

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Your Success Coach can:

  • Help you navigate obstacles (personal, academic, or financial) that might impede your success
  • Connect you to campus services and resources
  • Work with you to develop goals and be your accountability partner
  • Provide academic pro-tips for maximizing your college experience

Marshall Averill – Student Success Coach, Title III

Max Doyle - Student Success Coach

Joyce Hovermale - Student Success Coach, CTE

Earle Jackson – Student Success Coach, Title III

Abike Martins- MCAN College Completion Corps Coach

Kathy Stewart – REACH Success Coach

Grace Fama – Success Coach Manager

success coaching team

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an area in your life where you want to improve? None of us have it altogether. We could all use someone in our corner as an advocate, cheerleader or accountability partner.

Reach out at any time.  Don’t wait until you have a crisis. During a crisis most of your energy goes to the crisis, and you don’t have as much energy left over to manage life differently. Seeking out coaching sooner could build some guard rails or healthy practices to help you bounce back faster during challenging times.

The first appointment is usually 60 minutes to understand your needs and interests, but follow ups could be 30 – 45 minutes long.  We can meet on zoom, phone, or in person in our offices on the 3rd floor of the Student Center. It could be a one-time meeting or several, depending on your needs.

Common topics are study skills, organization, time management, getting along with an instructor, finances, work/life balance, campus engagement, or motivation. We also help students create and achieve personal and career goals.

A Success Coach will:

  • Create educational, personal and career driven goals
  • Identify obstacles and challenges to your academic success
  • Develop organization, time-management and study skills
  • Bridge to campus and community resources
  • Discover your strengths, interests, and motivations

An Academic Advisor will:

  • Explore your interests, goals, and abilities in relation to academic majors/minors
  • Review your progress toward graduation using Degree Works
  • Explain academic policies and procedures
  • Approve your course selection and clearance for registration

Occasionally an instructor will reach out to a student, and ask a coach to offer additional confidential support. This could result in just a one-time meeting or several follow up meetings with a coach, depending on the student. This individualized coaching has provided invaluable support and academic success to numerous students.

Additional Success Coaching Programs

Learn more about these success coaching programs. Not ready to jump-in just yet? Talk with your Success Coach about how you may benefit from participating.

Alpha Scholars – Embarking on your college journey as a new full-time student? Look no further than the Alpha Scholar program, designed to provide you with the support and tools you need to navigate college life and achieve success.

R.E.A.C.H Program – REACH is a campus-based support program that provides resources and support to students who have experienced foster care.

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