WCC ePay Plan

There are many reasons to use the WCC ePayPlan:

  • Convenient method to pay for credit classes
  • $25 per semester non refundable enrollment fee
  • Automatic withdrawals from checking, savings (except HRACU savings), credit/debit card
  • Bi-weekly, and monthly plans. Log into Billing & Payments to see details of plans currently available.
  • Enroll early to spread payments out longer
  • Authorize someone else to make payments for you
  • Automatic emails sent when any changes occur to your account

Enrolling in the plan is simple and secure:

  1. After you register for a credit class, Login to Billing & Payments using your netID and password. (Works best in Chrome)
  2. Wait until your account information appears (this will take a few seconds, be patient).
  3. Click on Payment Plans.
  4. Click on Sign up for a Payment Plan.
  5. Choose the plan that suits your requirements and click on Select a Payment Plan then follow the simple instructions.
  6. Print out confirmation then click on Payment Plan Tab and print out withdrawal dates.
  7. Click on My Profiles tab and set up automatic reminder email.
  8. Click on Authorized Users if you wish to authorize someone else to see your account.
  9. Enter their e-mail address and they will receive a password to access your account. You can delete their authorization at any time.

Download the eBill and ePayPlan brochure.

Fall 2024 ePayment Plans

Enrollment Period Plan ID Nonrefundable Enrollment Fee % of Account Balance
Due at Enrollment
Payment Dates
6/3/2024-8/8/2024 Plan A1 Biweekly Fall 2024 $25.00 0% 8/16/24, 8/30/24, 9/13/24, 9/27/24, 10/11/24, 10/25/24
Plan A2 Monthly Fall 2024 $25.00 0% 8/16/24, 9/13/24, 10/11/24
Plan A3 Monthly Fall 2024 $25.00 15% 8/16/24, 9/13/24, 10/11/24
8/9/2024-9/5/2024 Plan B1 Biweekly Fall 2024 $25.00 0% 9/13/24, 9/27/24, 10/11/24, 10/25/24
Plan B2 Biweekly Fall 2024 $25.00 25% 9/13/24, 9/27/24, 10/11/24, 10/25/24
Plan B3 Monthly Fall 2024 $25.00 25% 9/13/24, 10/11/24
9/6/2024-10/3/2024 Plan C1 Biweekly Fall 2024 $25.00 0% 10/4/24, 10/18/24, 11/1/24
Plan C2 Biweekly Fall 2024 $25.00 50% 10/4/24, 10/18/24, 11/1/24
Plan C3 Monthly Fall 2024 $25.00 50% 10/4/24, 11/1/24

Please keep the following in mind when registering for a payment plan at Washtenaw Community College:

  • Changes to payment due dates cannot be made after enrolling in the epayment plan.
  • If you miss your first payment date, you may be removed from the epayment plan.  If you are removed before the 100% refund deadline, your classes may be dropped.
  • When using bank accounts, a request for payment is sent to your bank at 8 AM on the payment date.  Please make sure that funds are available.
  • When using credit or debit cards, your card is charged at 1:30 AM on the payment date.  Please make sure that funds are available.
  • If you are changing a payment method, you must do so 10 days prior to your next payment due date.
  • The system will send automated emails to your WCC email to remind you of an upcoming installment and to tell you that a payment was completed successfully or was unsuccessful. 
  • A $25 missed payment fee is added for payments returned by your bank or credit cards rejected.  
  • If you add or drop classes, the system recalculates your remaining installment amounts automatically that night.

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