Ways to Pay

Pay in person

Visit us at the Cashier's Office on the second floor of the Student Center building to pay with cash, check or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover accepted). A drop box is available for paying after hours.

Pay online

Either you or someone you authorize can pay your bill online with eBill. eBill is your one-stop center for online billing, payments, authorizations, and ePayPlan. You can:

  • View current and past bills
  • Authorize parents or others to view and/or pay your bills
  • Pay in full at any time* or make partial payments (up to the due date only)
  • Enroll in a payment plan to spread payments past due date
  • Add/change your credit card, checking, or savings account profile

Parents and authorized users, view your online statement and submit payments.

Remember, you may have to pay by 10 p.m. to keep your classes, depending on your payment deadline. *Note that the system is unavailable 11:00 pm to midnight daily and during regular maintenance times. 

Login to eBill (Works best in Chrome)

Set up a payment plan

If you are unable to pay your account in full by the due date, enroll in ePayPlan to keep your seat. ePayPlan helps you manage the cost of tuition by letting you split your payments into  biweekly or monthly installments. Learn how to enroll in ePayPlan.

Download the eBill and ePayPlan brochure .

Use your financial aid

To check your financial aid award in MyWCC:

  • Login to the WCC Gateway
  • Go to MyWCC to check your financial aid status.

If your financial aid, scholarship, or other payment (veterans, employer, or agency) has been authorized by the payment deadlines, you will not be dropped from your classes. If not, you may choose to spread your payments over the semester with ePayPlan.

MESP or 529 college savings plan

Students can be held in classes by emailing [email protected] a confirmation from the 529 plan administrator. Be sure the request includes the student's name, student ID number, funding amount and semester.  Notice of funding will need to be provided every semester where a student is using their MESP/ 529 college savings plan account.  PLEASE NOTE: Funding level amount on disbursement confirmation must match the exact amount of tuition and fee charges of the respective semester to be held in your classes.

Michigan Education Trust (MET) Authorization

Students using MET for the first time at WCC must contact the State of Michigan at 800-638-4543 to initiate your contract. Returning MET students are automatically authorized by the State of Michigan. You must contact the Cashier's Office if you would like to make any changes to your MET funding.

Authorize a third party to pay

If your employer or another agency is paying your tuition, you need to enroll early and turn in your authorization to the Cashier’s Office by the payment deadline. See Procedures for a third-party sponsor to pay for details.

Authorize your high school to pay

Submit a letter from your high school to the Cashier's Office by the payment deadline. See the Dual Enrollment page for complete information, including a sample payment authorization letter.

Use your Emeritus Scholarship

To get started, bring your driver's license or state-issued photo ID to the Student Welcome Center on the second floor of the Student Center Building. Some restrictions apply depending on whether you register for a credit class or noncredit class. See Emeritus Scholarship for details.

Use your WCC staff tuition grant

Be sure you keep your employee, spouse, and dependent records current with Human Resources so you’ll all qualify for this grant. Payment process runs each night.

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