Syllabi: ECD

This discipline code is effective Fall 2022.

File Name Last Updated
ECD101. Child Development  
ECD122. Essentials of Early Care and Education - I 02/04/2022
ECD123. Essentials of Early Care and Education - II 02/04/2022
ECD124. CDA Assessment Preparation 02/17/2022
ECD132. Child Development Practicum I 02/04/2022
ECD133. Child Development Practicum II 02/04/2022
ECD180. Working with Families in a Diverse Society  
ECD200. Positive Child Guidance 10/13/2022
ECD205. Administration of Child Care Programs  
ECD210. Curriculum for Young Children  
ECD220. Development and Care of Infants and Toddlers  
ECD225. Infant-Toddler: Critical Competencies for Working with Young Children 03/04/2022
ECD230. Child Observation and Assessment  
ECD240. Education of the Young Child with Exceptionalities  
ECD280. The Developing Professional in Early Childhood Education 02/17/2022
ECD281. Practicum for the Developing ECE Professional 02/17/2022
ECD282. Developing Professional: Child Development Practicum 02/17/2022