Phone and Voicemail

Outgoing Call

To place an outgoing call from any phone on campus, lift the handset - dial 7 plus the 10 digit phone number. Ex. 7-XXX-555-5555

Phone Reset and Log-in Instructions

Reset Avaya phone

  1. Flip phone over and locate the cords on the bottom of the phone
  2. Unplug both cords for 5 seconds and plug them back into the same ports
  3. Wait approximately 45 seconds and the phone will boot up at this point it should work.

 Avaya 9608 Log-in Instructions

  1. Press the button just underneath the Login text on the screen.
  2. Enter the 4 digit extension that you would like to be logged into.
  3. Press the button just underneath the Enter text on the screen.
  4. If you are prompted for a passcode enter 123456, if this does not work please enter 922922 (wccwcc).
  5. If you did not logout of the previous phone you had your extension logged into you will be prompted to take over the extension for this phone. Press the button underneath the Continue text on the screen.
  6. You have successfully logged into an Avaya 9608

Avaya J129 Log-in Instructions

  1. Press button just underneath the login text on the screen.
  2. Enter the 4 digit extension that you would like to be logged into.
  3. Press the button enter underneath the text on the screen
  4. If you are prompted for a passcode enter 123456, if this does not work please enter 922922 (wccwcc).

Call Forwarding

Procedure to activate external call forward to a cell or other external number ( Avaya 9608):

  1. Gain Access to the “Feature” screen
  2. Scroll to choose “Forward”
  3. Scroll to “Forward Unconditional”
  4. Toggle to “on”
  5. Call type toggle to “all”
  6. In the “destination” field enter the destination number which you want to forward your calls. Ex; 7(xxx)xxx-xxxx
  7. Press “save”

To remove external call forward:

  1. Gain Access to the “Feature” screen
  2. Scroll to choose “Forward”
  3. Toggle to “off”
  4. Press “save”

Phone Guides

Internet Phone User Guide (pdf)
Find out how to use the IP Phones.

9608/9608G/9611G Desk Phones User Guide (pdf)
Find out how to use the new desk phones.


Voicemail: User's Guide

  1. Dial *17
  2. Enter your extension number and press #.
  3. Your Password by default is #. Press the # key.
  4. You are asked to enter a new password.  Enter a new password and press #.  Your password cannot be the same as your extension number or a set of repeated digits or consecutive numbers.
  5. Re-enter the new password and press #. You can change the password at a later date if you would like using the instruction of changing your password.
  6. Record your name when you are prompted.  You can record your name again later if you would like following the instructions of recording your name.
  7. Press 1 at the tone, speak your name.
  8. Press 1 again. Your recording is played back
  9. Either press # to accept the recording or 1 to record again.
  10.  The prompts tell you what to do.  For help at any time press *4. To return to activity menu press *7.  If you are at the end of a menu, you can press # to return to the previous menu.  You can now hang up.
  1.  Log back into your mailbox by press *17 and login with your new pass code.
  2. Press 3 to select personal greetings
  3. Press 1 to create a greeting
  4.  Press 1 for Greeting number 1, there are (1-9 different greetings you could record)
  5. Start speaking at the tone to record your greeting, once you have finished press 1.
  6. Press # to confirm and save greeting, and then activate greeting to play for all calls.
  1. Dial *17 or you may use your Visual Voice button
  2. Enter your extension (Mailbox) number press #.
  3. Enter your voicemail password and press #.  After you log in, the voice prompts tell you what to do.
  1. Dial your Direct Number or extension Number, or have someone transfer you to your extension, or you may dial the main number
  2. Wait for the voicemail system to respond and ask you to leave a message.
  3. After the tone, do not leave a message but press #.  In some case, you may hear the prompt No message to save.
  4. Dial *7. You are asked to select the mailbox that you require.
  5. Enter your own extension number and press #.
  6. When prompted enter your mailbox password and press #. You hear a summary of your voicemail messages as normal.

Note: You can also dial the Backdoor Number to voicemail ____________then dial * the system will prompt you to enter your mailbox and passcode.

  1. Log in to your mailbox.  The number of new messages is announced.  The announcement tells you how many of those messages priority messages are.
  2. Press 2 to receive your messages.  Alternatively, you can press 7 to quickly scan through your messages.
  • If any of your messages are faxes, you can press*1 to forward them.
  • When you listen to your messages you have the following options:
  • Skip the message header and listen to message: Press 0
  • Reply to or Forward Message: Press 1
  • Forward a fax message: Press *1
  • Restart Message: Press 2
  • Pause/Resume: Press 3
  • Rewind 5 seconds: Press 5
  • Advance 5 seconds: Press 6
  • Restart: Press *5
  • Skip Message: Press #
  • Replay Header: Press 23
  • Delete and continue to next message: Press *3
  • Restore the message that you just deleted: Press **8
  • Leave message in current category and skip to next: Press **4
  • Back to previous message: Press *2
  • Skip to next category of messages: Press *#
  • Hang up and end voicemail: Press**9

While you listen to your messages, press 1.

Press 4. You are prompted to record your new message.  Record your comment and press # to finish recording.

You are prompted for the forwarding addresses.

While you enter addresses, you can press *2 to switch between entering an address by extension number or by matching a user name.

Enter Mailbox number (or dial the required name) and then press #

Repeat until you have entered all the mailboxes to which you want to forward the message

To select and add a mailing list, Press *5.  You are asked to enter the mailbox number of the mailing lists owner and then the number of the list.

To delete the last number entered, Press *3.

Press # again to finish addressing.

Select any of the following options:

To Mark the forward message as private: press 1

To Mark the forward message as priority: press 2

To send the forward message: press #


While you are on the phone with the caller, press your Message Button

Enter the Extension number you would like to transfer the caller to.

Press Select.  Hang up.