Our Heroes: Nursing

Alex Clark

Our Heroes: Alex Clark

WCC - April 29, 2020

Alex Clark, a WCC nursing student working as a patient care assistant at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital-Chelsea

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Veronica Schulz

Our Heroes: Veronica Schulz

WCC - April 28, 2020

Veronica Schulz, WCC nursing student working as a patient care technician at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital-Ann Arbor.

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Jamie Langlois

Our Heroes: Jamie Langlois

WCC - April 26, 2020

Jamie Langlois, a part-time WCC nursing faculty member who works as an RN in the intensive care unit at Michigan Medicine

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Cammie Coffey

Our Heroes: Cammie Coffey

WCC - April 23, 2020

Cammie Coffey, WCC student working as a nursing assistant at Ascension Crittenton Hospital in Rochester Hills

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Jaysa Wegrzyn

Our Heroes: Jaysa Wegrzyn

WCC - April 23, 2020

Jaysa Wegrzyn, WCC student working as a patient care technician in St. Joseph Mercy Hospital-Ann Arbor emergency room

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