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Campus Services is the centralized hub, that keeps the timely flow of equipment, supplies, materials, and mail into and out of the College, that ensures WCC faculty, staff, and event organizers have their items readily available for their operational needs whether it be in the office, classroom, or lab; which in turn supports them, in providing WCC’s core mission of helping and preparing others for success.

Additionally, we work with multiple institutional departments, individuals, and external partners, to ensure policies, procedures, guidelines, and regulations are followed in optimizing WCC’s overall success and efficiency.

Campus Services provides:

  • Internal mail services
  • Centralized receiving functions
  • Institutional shipping services: utilizing UPS, USPS, FedEx, ABF Truck Freight
  • Disposing of college property via Public Surplus, Donating or Recycling
  • Centralized holding and distribution center for institutional surplus furniture and furnishings.
  • Local off-site pickup and delivery services
  • A supply chain management system, primarily for the Facilities Management and Operations Division.

Public Surplus Sales

Campus Services FAQ

Kelly Milligan
Interim Manager Campus Services
Campus Services
Phone: 734-677-5330
Fax: 734-677-5447
Email: [email protected]


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