Electrical Services

We Make WCC Powerful

Electrical Services is responsible for the safe and reliable delivery of electricity across our campus.  We provide year-round service to both our indoor and outdoor electrical infrastructure.  Our electricians perform work that ranges from servicing specialized lighting and electrical components to maintenance of campus diesel powered backup generators and natural gas fired power plants.

Electrical Services provides:

  • Service and repairs for the electrical systems
  • Maintenance of electrical distribution systems and MCC’s
  • Small project cost quotes for electrical projects upon request
  • Installation of data cabling for facilities management projects
  • Electrical renovation and alterations on small construction projects
  • Support for the campus high voltage system
  • Maintenance of the Emergency Electrical System including generators and inverters
  • Maintenance of the campus lift stations and related equipment
  • Maintenance of all campus gas and diesel powered generators
  • Maintenance and repair of campus air compressors and vacuum pump systems
  • Maintenance and repair of all sidewalk lighting fixtures, parking lot lighting fixtures, and the campus parking structure lighting electrical infrastructure
  • Maintenance of all exterior lighting fixtures attached to building and campus electrical signage fixtures
  • Operation and maintenance of the exterior lighting control systems and related equipment
  • Infrared Program: Scanning electrical panels for Hot Spots
  • New installations: electrical services ( 120v, 208v and 480v systems) – small projects
  • Scheduling and operation of all campus gas and diesel powered generators

Beau Burgen
Manager Mechanical Systems and Electrical Services
Electrical Services
Phone: 734-677-5419
Fax: 734-677-5242
Email: [email protected]


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