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Energy Services is responsible for monitoring and reporting on the flow of energy and other resources across the Washtenaw Community College campus.  Energy Services administers a campus-wide networked monitoring system that aggregates electric, gas, and water usage into a centralized database.  We pull from a wide range of data sources in order to make evidence-informed recommendations aimed at reduced energy consumption and cost.  Our recommendations are implemented in campus infrastructure improvements that encompass everything from our power plants to our LED lights and every other component of the campus that contributes to our use of energy resources.

Energy Services provides:

  • Forecasting of energy usage and drafting of annual energy budgets
  • Management of 6 EV charging stations in the Campus Parking Structure
  • Administration of campus-wide networked electrical, gas, and water meters
  • Maintenance of a database of historical energy usage data
  • Administration of a clearinghouse for the data we collect
  • Liaison services between our customers – students, faculty, and staff – and Division of Facilities Management crew members
  • Development and delivery of reports on work performance, energy usage, and other campus characteristics direct to the Vice Present of the Division of Facilities Management

Energy Conservation Myths

Bill Ghrist
Manager of Energy and Systems Integration
Energy Services
Phone: 734-477-8787
Email: [email protected]


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